ASPPA Annual Virtual Conference

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ASPPA Annual is a yearly in-person event hosted by the American Retirement Association with an average attendance of 3,000+ attendees. In 2020, I collaborated with Directors in Marketing, Events, and ARA to develop a concept that would feature TPA Growth Summit as an added benefit to attendees seeking support and the most current industry advice related to running a business focused on growth. The challenge was to create an evergreen logo for TPA that would be used along side ASPPA Annual every year. The branding for ASPPA Annual is dynamic and theme-based. Growth was the focus for the TPA logo seen in the multi-colored tree embellishment. 2020 was also the year that Covid shut down in-person events. I was integral to design decisions and marketing pivots that were needed to shift this conference to virtual event that was built on Pathable platform. Full collateral was included for this event digital toolkit ads, email campaign, and social media promotions, etc.

Pathable Platform

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TPA Brand

TPA (Third Party Administrator) is a joint conference event that accompanies ASPPA Annual each year. TPA is a gathering that provides entrepreneurs in finance the tools and networking opportunities to grow and expand practices. I developed this evergreen logo that has been used since 2019. The multicolored leaves express the diversity and possibilities of customization in the field. The idea of a tree evokes resiliency and also the solid growth security.


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PSCA National Virtual Conference 

PSCA 2021 virtual (2)

PSCA National Conference offered its first virtual conference on the Pathable platform in 2021. Approximatey 500+ members attended and I was involved in prompting the event organizers to choose a theme and key words to convey a sense of feeling and unity in the uncertain time when businesses were changing so quickly during Covid. Full collateral was included for this event digital toolkit ads, email campaign, and social media promotions, etc.

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