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Two UX Designers and Researchers


Project Concept selection, Research, Design Audit, Diary Study, ideation, Information Architecture, User Flows, Business Model, Usability study, Design, final deliverable 


Figma, Figjam, Miro, SimpleTexting, Google Docs, Storyboardthat, Zoom


8 weeks


This project originated in the activity of conducting a design audit of a preexisting product. I chose Imperfect Foods. This is a digital subscription food service that harnesses the power of sustainability by repurposing and redirecting perfectly imperfect food items that would otherwise be thrown away in the modern consumer model that is over discriminating and values flawless produce. The central issue in modern agriculture and consumption at large is waste. Imperfect Foods puts this "waste" to better use, that benefits the producer, supplier and consumer.


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The next challenge involved assessing the chosen product for audit and evaluating the user flow for possible opportunities to offer a new feature. A water challenge that encouarges hydration and also conservation incentives emerged from a careful look into competitors and also demographics using Imperfect Foods. This created an instant win for the subsciber and the service. Helping to promote health and environmental awareness supports both the users and the stakeholders goals.


problem statement

HOW might we

How might we understand the daily water intake habits of participants?

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