Walk In My Shoes


Walk In My Shoes (WIMS) is an interactive empathy-building assembly program that started in 2015 at a regional elementary school in Fairfax County, VA. It developed out of a collaboration with the Elementary School PTA, special education team, school administration, school counselors, and the librarian. The program now expanded to serve 17 other schools in Fairfax County. It has also been implemented in a school in Miami, and will soon run at a school in Chicago. It has been used as the basis for a doctoral dissertation in St. Maarten, and it has also been translated into Spanish and used to train 400 educators in rural Mayan Guatemala. Recently, WIMS was included in an American School Counselor Magazine article on novel approaches to bullying prevention, and the WIMS founder was selected one of 6 Subaru Community Champs for 2021.

My Role:

I was the Lead Designer and creator of the brand and identity for Walk In My Shoes. Many considerations were taken into account in regards to secondary research and competitve analysis on an international and national level. The logo, colors and assets were chosen to be friendly and to adapt to a variety of different mediums and platforms. The budget was a concern in delivering printed material and a two-color palette was the most affordable route to propose. The main teaching tool is a Replication Guide (shown here) This is a document that is available via digital and print. Other promotional materials developed included the website with CMS in mind to reduce maintenance costs for the client, as well as signage and T-shirts.

WIMS book cover

Birth & Biodynamic Midwifery

Identity created for a birth midwife who specializes in Biodynamic principles and techniques. The logo evolved out of research into the element of water and movement. The process of moving amorphous and fluid shapes with transparent overlays allowed this evocative image of the process of changes that happen in the process of conception, pregnancy and birth for the entire family system.