Siddhi Tea is a charter product developed with the vision of the Old World in mind to convey the handcrafted integrity of all 14 tea blends. Organic and fair-trade ingredients are featured whenever possible in each custom tea.

The name of this product was central to the development of the identity. Siddhi is a Sanskrit word meaning:

(ˈsɪddi) noun. 1. Yoga. a miraculous power imparted by the late stages of intense meditation.

Although there's no guarantee that the consumer will receive these benefits from consuming the product. The central message is that these are restorative teas that support overall wellness.

The identity developed around the fact that Tulsi herb is used as part of all the blends. The three leaf icon above the logo illustrates this feature.

The desired aesthetic was to combine Old World European elements as seen in the damask backgrounds. Combined with hints of classic Indian decorative elements.

I partnered directly with the client and the printing vendor to stay within budget to produce all 14 different tea box designs.

The final products are sold online and at Farmer's Markets.

Siddhi Tea

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